Before the Baby: Why Heavy Metal Detox Matters

Flint Michigan was a disaster. Thousands of children permanently brain damaged after drinking the water. Years later, and 80% of them still require special education services. These innocent children will have a lifetime of intellectual disability because they ingested toxic heavy metals.

Lead is everywhere. We are all exposed every day. It’s in water, the air, it’s in the food that we eat. It accumulates in our body every day where it is buried in bone and other tissue. The lead stored over time inside our bodies has a direct damaging effect on our brain tissue, cardiac tissue and general health. Studies have correlated higher levels of lead with lower IQ levels over time.

Can Lead Affect the Brain of a Fetus?

We know that lead can damage the brain of adults, and it is absolutely devastating to the brains of developing children. Think about how much more lead can affect the brain of a developing fetus. It is very likely that lead is more damaging at this stage of development than at any other. Lead exposure to a developing fetus comes directly from the mother’s umbilical cord blood. 

Can Lead be Transferred Through the Umbilical Cord?

The amount of lead in the umbilical cord corresponds to the amount of lead accumulated in the body of the mother. More lead in mom’s bones equals more lead in the umbilical cord and more lead pumping through a developing baby’s brain.

This fact has not been widely acknowledged, nor are many people aware of the possible implications. That is in part because of difficulty testing for body lead, and because there is no clear consensus on how to treat elevated total body lead levels.

Lead exposure has been correlated with autism, developmental delay, attention deficit, impulsivity, decreased birth weight and head circumference. The damage done by lead is believed to be irreversible. Even in cases where there is no overt pathology, the question lingers whether or not individuals’ cognitive ability, IQ, and overall brain development would have been better if the mother had first undergone treatments to lower body lead levels. The logical conclusion is that any safe and practical measure that can help to lower maternal lead levels should be taken in the interest of optimizing fetal development.

Chelation Therapy

At Intellectual Medicine we have developed a protocol that involves first testing the total amounts of body lead and other toxic metals with a provocative heavy-metal test. This test is critical to establish baseline levels. The test does not simply monitor the amount of lead in blood, but rather measures the total amount of metals that have been stored over the span of your life. A blood test is a spot check that can measure recent lead exposure. A hair analysis can look back a few months. A provocative urine test looks back decades and quantifies the amount of accumulated toxic metals.

Clients then undergoes weekly infusions of a specialized chelation formula specifically designed for pre-pregnancy applications. These are done on a weekly basis, followed by a repeat provocative heavy-metal test one month after the last infusion. This will enable us to verify reduction in body lead levels.

Throughout the course of the infusion’s clients are also guided toward the use of most beneficial supplements to further support reduction of fetal exposure to lead, and support best maternal health.

At the end of the treatment and testing cycle active attempts at pregnancy can be pursued knowing that you have done everything practical to minimize risk to your unborn child. In addition to minimizing risk to your unborn baby, pre-pregnancy chelation carries benefits for the mother as well. Body lead levels correspond with increased risk of cognitive decline, heart disease, and other vascular complications including hypertension. The infusion protocols, in addition to lowering lead levels, also have an impact on mercury, aluminum, and cadmium which is a major carcinogen.

The Pre-Pregnancy Checklist

✓ Test for heavy metals with a provocative heavy metal test

✓ Review the findings: Know what’s in your body

✓ Rid body of toxins with a series of Chelation infusions

Reducing Heavy Metal Toxins During Fetal Development

The fact that this approach can lower carcinogenic heavy metals is another advantage to an unborn baby. The cause of pediatric cancers remains unknown. Brain cancer is particularly devastating and represents one of the most common forms of death from cancer in the pediatric population. It is possible that pediatric cancer risk can be increased by exposure to carcinogenic heavy metals. Reducing the amount of metal exposure during fetal development has the potential to reduce subsequent risks associated with those metals.

Minimizing Risk Before the Baby

Every parent knows that complete risk avoidance is impossible, even undesirable. To live life fully is to accept risk. However, minimizing those risks that carry with them no reward is the responsibility of every parent. We all know the extent of our resources, and we know our priorities.

This information is new to most of you. As you have contemplated structuring a healthy environment for your family and your children there are many factors to consider from schools to nutrition, to recreational and development activities. There is a price tag associated with all these endeavors. They all have something in common which is a rational expectation of benefit, with uncertain outcome.

The new information has been validated in multiple studies. The effect of lead is not speculative, it is known fact. The information regarding the capacity of intravenous infusions to reduce lead has also been well documented. The role of lead as a direct toxin that damages the brain is unequivocal. Putting all these facts together it becomes logical to implement a pre-pregnancy lead reduction plan as a cornerstone of your unborn baby’s health. This is an endeavor that can deliver lifetime benefits.

The mission of Intellectual Medicine is to bring advances in science to the benefit people as quickly as possible. The common objective is antiaging and life extension. Pre-pregnancy lead reduction is part of that mission. Health and longevity may behave a bit like a bobsled run in the Olympics. A fraction of a second of the top of the hill can be the difference between gold or silver at the bottom. A developing fetus given the advantage of pre-pregnancy lead reduction performed by the mother has the potential to receive a boost that will last a lifetime.

Although I have created these protocols for use at Intellectual Medicine, I understand that many people who read this may want to receive this protocol in their own community. This information is vital and must be shared. If you are interested in receiving these treatments simply send an email at the following address, and I will research resources within your community that could properly administer the protocol that I have developed. By going to a center that is certified in the Intellectual Medicine pre-pregnancy protocol, you can be assured that you are receiving the protocol that I have developed.

Now that you have this information, I’m asking you to disseminate it to as many people as you can think of. My hope is to have pre-pregnancy infusion therapy become part of the standard approach to supporting best fetal development. Together we can be part of doing something great for the next generation. 


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