Botox / Dysport

Wrinkles and frown lines are caused by repeated movements and muscle contractions. Neurotoxins help you soften frown lines between your brows—with natural-looking, long-lasting results.
Dysport® cosmetic injectable offers a natural-looking solution to facial wrinkles and lines. Similar to BOTOX®, Dysport® utilizes Botulinum Toxin A, temporarily blocking muscle activity that contributes to the formation of wrinkles and folds.

As you age, your skin loses elasticity and collagen, leading to one of the most prominent signs of aging: wrinkles. Repetitive facial movements such as smiling, laughing, squinting, and frowning, all contribute to facial creases and lines as your muscles continually contract. Without once-youthful collagen to help skin recoil following muscle movements, you can be left with the formation of stubborn creases and lines that begin to deepen into permanent and static wrinkles if left untreated. By temporarily blocking muscle activity, Dysport® allows facial creases and wrinkles caused by muscle contractions to smooth out. Dysport is injectable an FDA approved and a non-invasive solution to looking younger without facial surgery.

Additionally, Dysport® can be used to treat wrinkles in BOTOX® resistant patients. While it is rare for patients to develop a resistance to BOTOX®, it is possible. Dysport® offers BOTOX® resistant patients the same benefits, effectively providing an anti-aging solution. 

A common concern among patients is the misconception that fillers using Botulinum Toxin A can cause a frozen appearance. Dysport® however temporarily treats the facial muscles in specific facial areas, allowing untreated areas to move normally so you can continue to show your natural expressions.

While Dysport® is great for treating wrinkles, fine lines, and creases, it may also be used to prevent permanent frown lines from forming in younger patients. Similar to preventative BOTOX®, Dysport® can be used at the first signs of facial wrinkles to help combat the earliest signs of aging. 

  • Frown lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet (wrinkles around the eyes when you squint)
  • Masseter muscle hypertrophy (from grinding your teeth)
  • Poor jawline definition
  • Neck lines
  • Lines around the lips (think drinking through a straw)