Can NAD keep you young? Evidence and recommendations from Intellectual Medicine


Aging is marked by a reduction in energy. Old people lose their a zip. They sit, and become less motivated to take on everything from a routine task, to a major project. Why does that happen?

There is growing evidence that the decline in NAD may be a key element in the aging process, including energy reduction. NAD is a naturally occurring micronutrient that is made by the body. It stands for, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is in the family of B vitamins. When we are young we make abundant amounts of it. NAD is responsible for the bounce and energy of youth. As we move past 40 our levels of NAD decline, and so too does our energy. NAD is critical for the maintenance of healthy mitochondria. Mitochondria are the “powerpack” of the cell. They provide the cell with energy which in turn energizes the entire body.

Organs such as the heart and the brain are high users of energy and require maximum mitochondrial function to be their best. There is growing evidence that mitochondrial degradation may contribute to dementia and cognitive decline.

This podcast explains the current understanding regarding NAD, and reviews practical ways it can be put to work right now to help change the way you age.

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