Facial and Skin Anti-Aging Treatments Explained

One of the first things we do each morning is look in the mirror. I don’t care who you are, how old you are, or whatever level of beauty you think you possess, everybody wants to look their best.

As technology advances things that once were seen as entitlements for the wealthy, or luxuries available only to the few, have become commonplace. Simply put, our expectations for our own appearance change as opportunities appear that offer us the opportunity to look younger and better, for a longer period of time.

Photo Rejuvenation.

This has been one of the breakthrough advances in the realm of facial and skin antiaging. It first began with the CO2 laser. This type of facial resurfacing required general anesthesia and a hospital visit. The laser was so aggressive that people typically could not leave their home for weeks. With the advent of the “Intense Pulse Light” (IPL) approach, high quality skin rejuvenating results could be obtained in a short period of time and with minimal aftereffect.

I prefer the IPL  over lasers for skin rejuvenation. A laser only has one wavelength. Therefore can only be engineered to target one color. Most faces have an array of different shades. The broad spectrum of light emitted by the intense pulsed light device enables equipment to hit them all with one rejuvenating brilliant flash of light.

Light not only affects the surface of the skin, but it penetrates beneath the skin surface where it can stimulate reproduction of collagen. The result is smoother skin, fewer lines and wrinkles, shrinking pores, restoration of youthful luster.

Just like other elements of antiaging, I recommend that my clients incorporate facial anti-aging therapy into their. An ideal interval is to do one approximately every three months. Less frequent intervals can also be helpful. the variability depends upon the level of results an individual strives for.

Skin Tightening. 

The IPL makes the skin smooth and reduces wrinkles and helps eliminate age spots. The skin tightening does just what its name implies. It has the effect of “shrink-wrapping” the skin by tightening up collagen fibers. When done on a regular basis it can help prevent, or reverse some of the laxity that commonly occurs around the jowls and the eyes. This procedure can be done at the same time as the IPL. It uses a different type of wavelength to trigger the tightening effect.

Platelet Rich Fiber Matrix with Micro Needling.

Yet another recent breakthrough in the realm of anti-aging therapy has been the development of “platelet rich fibrin matrix.” This product is acquired by taking the patient’s own blood, and spinning it in a special centrifuge that separates the solid material from the liquid portion. Within this liquid plasma are concentrated platelets. Platelets have growth factors in them that stimulate rejuvenation of the tissue they come in contact with.

Platelet rich fibrin matrix has been utilized as an injection into joints to help rejuvenate the tissue and restore healthy tissue. The same principles are involved within the skin. It can activate reproduction of collagen and restoration of skin to a more youthful state.

Once the plasma has been acquired, a veneer of the plasma is placed on the patient’s face, and many areas are treated with a high speed micro needling device that helps to push the plasma into the skin. Not only does this process push plasma into the skin, but the act of micro needling also stimulates regenerative activity within the dermis and the epidermis.

Because of the high quality anesthetic creams that are utilized prior to the procedure, the entire process is extremely well tolerated.

In addition to micro needling the plasma over the entire surface of the face, concentrated amounts of the plasma can be selectively injected into high need areas such as those underneath the eyes, and around the mouth.

For those interested in the highest level of facial antiaging, I recommend this procedure to be done twice a year. In most cases an annual treatment is sufficient to achieve great results.

What I love about all of these procedures is the fact that there is nothing artificial being introduced into your skin. We are simply tapping into the body’s own self-healing properties in a way that lets it rejuvenate itself.

Remember that these are medical grade treatments. They should only be done by a well-trained doctor or nurse.

Today’s novel breakthrough is tomorrow’s standard of care. I see the day in the very near future when these treatments become as commonplace as having your teeth cleaned or your hair done. As that transformation takes place people are simply going to look better for longer periods of time.

When do you get started?

The common mistake people make is waiting too long. Remember, we are all aging. Younger skin responds most favorably to these treatments. For many people the time of action will be in their 20s. That’s when the early signs of ultraviolet damage start to become manifest. It’s when the beginning stages of facial wrinkling can be noted. Since this is a natural and inevitable process, there is no barrier to starting young.

Putting it all together.

An experienced clinician will be able to guide you toward the highest and best use of all these different technologies. Whatever you choose should be made a part of your lifestyle, and not be just a single event in the span of your life. Part of being the best version of ourselves includes putting our best face forward.

I’ve been using these technologies on my own skin for many years. It is extremely satisfying to know that I don’t have to passively watch my face weather and age. The technology is real, the procedures are safe, the results are irrefutable. Putting this technology to work can keep your face at its best level throughout the span of your life.

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