Hormone Replacement
for Men

Our Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Program

We’ve developed a BHRT Quarterly program to keep you on track and respond to your changing hormone levels. Every three months, our patients have regular bloodwork, appointments, and compounded prescriptions ordered.

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Symptoms of Low Testosterone

  • Decreased Sex Drive / Libido
  • Decreased Energy and Fatigue
  • Erectile Dysfunction / Impotence
  • Reduced Muscle Bulk
  • Reduced Strength / General Weakness
  • Depression
  • Small or shrinking testes / Infertility
  • Body Fat Increase

What Does Testosterone Do?

  • Impacts Sex Drive and Libido
  • Increases Confidence Levels
  • Impacts Hair Growth
  • Defines male jawline shape
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Impacts Bone Density
  • Helps Maintain Lean Body Mass

What Decreases Testosterone?

  • Age (as we age testosterone decreases)
  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Very low-fat diet
  • Chronic Stress
  • Sedentary lifestyle (hours in front of the computer)
  • Poor Sleep
  • Xenobiotics (i.e. pesticides)
  • Prolonged Cardiovascular Exercise

The Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Testosterone plays a key role in making men feel like “men.” BHRT can serve as an effective option for men suffering from Low Testosterone. Results vary for each man, however, by optimizing testosterone to healthy levels the body can be replenished of this crucial hormone. If you are suffering from a testosterone deficiency, you may experience the following benefits from BHRT:


How BHRT works. What to expect after enrolling:


Call & Schedule Your BHRT Intake


We respect your time. When we schedule your BHRT Intake Appointment with Dr. Petteruti, we also order your Hormone Blood Panel that day! You get your labs done before your appointment. No Wasted Time! 

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BHRT Program

If you have Low Testosterone you can sign up for our Bioidentical hormone replacement program. We’ve developed our BHRT Quarterly Program to keep Men on track and respond to a Man’s changing hormone levels, with a focus on maintaining testicular size.  

Every three months, Men have a hormone blood panel, an appointment with Dr. Petteruti, and Compounded Prescriptions are ordered in three-month supplies. 

Our quarterly hormone program also includes prescriptions for Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and other medication for Erectile Dysfunction as needed. Prescription of Peptide Therapy to enhance libido and sexual response for men if needed.


Injection Training

After signing up for BHRT your prescriptions will be sent to a compounding pharmacy. It takes about two weeks to receive prescriptions.

We will schedule your appointment for injection training 2-3 weeks after your BHRT appointment, for those who opt for injectable treatment. Creams or pellets are available for those who do not feel comfortable self-injecting. 

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We believe in up-front costs. The BHRT program is $165/month, and enrollment is quarterly. The cost of prescriptions is not included in the program. 

We NEVER prescribe synthetic hormones. We only administer natural, bioidentical testosterone – identical to what your body produces naturally.

No need to run around for lab work (although you can)! We generate a Lab order for you, which you can take anywhere – or – you can have your labs drawn here (faster turn time). The cost here with insurance is guaranteed to be $80. You will never pay more.

We require blood work from all prospective patients. This allows us to assess the quantitative values of your testosterone and estrogen. It’s essential to have blood work done before your intake appointment and quarterly during BHRT to ensure your red blood cell counts, blood lipids, prostate-specific antigen, and other relevant biomarkers are in a healthy range.

Dr. Stephen Petteruti, DO, ACOFP, ABBM, FAAMFM, an Anti-Aging, Metabolic, and Functional Medicine specialist and licensed physician personally oversees all BHRT patients. Your consult and appointments are with Dr. Petteruti. Injection Training is with and licensed RN.

What is self-injection for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) like?

Scared of needles? Don’t worry, injections are not nearly as frightening as they may seem at first. 

When injecting, the gauge of the needle matters. The gauge of the needles we use is very small when injecting testosterone; once you get past the initial puncturing of the skin, the needle will glide smoothly into your muscle tissue without much sensation at all. We recommend taking deep breaths and be steady when inserting the needle. Patients report that it is not actually painful, it’s more about a mental hurdle they conquer with us during injection training. 

During your injection training, we’ll teach you to use a firm grip on the barrel of the syringe, breath, and firmly penetrate your skin. The needle will smoothly glide into your muscle, at which point you will apply pressure to the plunger and dispense the testosterone.  (Your muscle might twitch slightly but it’s not a painful sensation for most people, more so a reflex.)

The entire injection process generally takes 15 seconds. Always be sure to maintain a sterile environment by wiping the injection spot with an alcohol wipe beforehand to disinfect the skin. Never reuse needles or syringes as this increases the risk of infections.

Have any questions on hormone replacement?

Help for Erectile & Sexual Dysfunction

Enjoying a fulfilling sex life is part of the human experience. It keeps us connected to our loved ones and contributes greatly to our sense of overall well-being. However, proper sexual function depends on hormonal balance, which can be thrown off as we age. Even less-than-ideal lifestyle choices can have a negative impact on a healthy sex life.

Low libido is a common symptom experienced by men who are going through andropause. As a result of decreasing testosterone levels, men may begin to have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, or they may even lose interest in sex altogether. With the use of natural bio identical hormone replacement therapy, we can replace the hormonal equilibrium a man’s body needs for healthy sexual function.

But aging and hormone levels aren’t always the only culprits! Even an unhealthy lifestyle punctuated by poor nutrition, low physical activity, smoking and drinking alcohol can negatively impact a man’s sexual health. Improved nutrition, increased physical activity and smarter lifestyle choices can help increase blood flow, supply energy and contribute to a feeling of overall wellness which will naturally improve libido and erectile quality.

Our quarterly hormone program also includes prescriptions for Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and other medication for Erectile Dysfunction as needed. Prescription of Peptide Therapy to enhance libido and sexual response for both women and men if needed.