IM Quick Shots

IM Energized $29

Without robust levels of B12, energy fades and your neurons wither. In addition to fatigue, symptoms of low B12 can include tingling and numbness in the hands and feet, brain fog, and difficulty losing weight. B12 is found in meats.

IM Super Charged $69

With high levels of B12, as well as the other seven essential B vitamins, this injection helps to reassure that you will avoid being deficient in the energy-fueling B vitamin family.

IM Shielded $46

This injection has all the immune supporting ingredients as its big brother, the ‘IV Shield,’ only in a compact and quick form ready for speedy injection.

IM Glowing $69

Healthy skin depends as much on what is in you, as what you put on it. Give your skin the collagen supporting, free radical neutralizing health boost that it needs.

IM Detoxed $46

We move through a polluted planet, absorbing persistent organic pollutants (POP’s), toxic heavy metals, and pesticide-laced foods. All of this increases the free radical assault that attacks our cells every day.

IM Strong $58

Whether you were looking for a boost at the gym, at spin class, or at the start of your next race, this Quick Shot can give you an edge.

IM Magnesium $29

Essential Mineral. Helps w/ PMS, headaches, and menopausal symptoms. Also supports healthy cardiac rhythm and prevents muscle spasm and cramps.

IM B Complex $29

B6 helps the body make antibodies, hemoglobin, breaks down proteins and keeps blood sugar in normal ranges. B12 (Cyanocobalamin) supports  energy, and fat metabolism. Also needed for a healthy nervous system, and brain health. Deficiency can impair memory.

IM Mic B12 $29

Aids your body in regulating sleep, mood and appetite cycles and supports energy. Effects can last for weeks!

IM Lean $58

Whatever path you are on to achieve fat reduction, the IM Lean can assist you with that goal!

IM Biotin $29

Biotin injections are used for the improvement of fine, fragile, or thinning hair. Also supports skin and nails.

IM Glutathione $40

Aids in tissue building and repair. Increase circulation in arteries reducing plaque. 

IM Vitamin D $86

Vitamin D level must first be tested to ensure safe and effective dosing for all clients (200,000 iu).

NAD Quick Shot

NAD 25 mg – $75
NAD 50 mg – $86
NAD 100 mg – $115

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