IV Vitamin Therapy & IV Drips in RI



t Intellectual Medicine, located in Warwick RI, we are always looking for new ways to fulfill our mission to improve lives as a team of professionals. Our services in nutritional IV vitamin therapy Rhode Island help our clients attain optimum health by addressing nutritional needs. Through intravenous delivery methods, we are able to deliver nutrients directly to the cells, where they are needed most. Nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids are some of the IV ingredients provided at Intellectual Medicine, IV vitamin therapy Rhode Island facilities.

In contrast to being consumed orally, this method allows nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently through the digestive tract without diluting the electrolytes. As a result, the body may regenerate faster and in a safer, stronger and effective manner. If you experience ulcers, fatigue, joint pain, kidney problems, weight gain, headaches, or high blood pressure, IV vitamin therapy RI service may benefit you too! 

In addition to possibly improving health and wellness, nutritional IV vitamin therapy in Rhode Island may also improve anxiety, depression, and immune health. These nutrients may also be beneficial to help relieve migraines, asthma, allergies, and fatigue. Healing acceleration as well as muscle and tissue maintenance are among the most significant benefits of IV vitamin therapy RI.

Another reason to try IV vitamin therapy in Rhode Island, is to revitalize your appearance and flush out your body from harmful toxins. The service may improve your hair, nails, skin, and eyes while slowing down the aging process and preventing build up of radical damage. If you are a very active person, improving performance, endurance and recovery are very important to avid athletes. Additionally, IV vitamin therapy RI may help muscle & tissue regeneration and effective hydration. 

  • Revitalize your appearance and detoxify 
  • May improves your hair, nails, skin, and eyes 
  • Hydration is provided effectively
  • May improve performance, endurance and recovery
  • Slowing down the aging process
  • Preventing build up of radical damage
  • Help with substance abuse recovery
  • Stimulates muscle and tissue recovery

Sit back and relax in our state of the art facility designed for comfort and maximum health results! Check us out now!

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