Meet the Doctor

My work as a practicing physician has been focused on enhancing human vitality by targeting health at a cellular level. My interest is in combining the best of conventional medicine, with advances in cellular biology to deliver novel approaches to address core issues that corrode health and accelerate aging.

My research is in the tradition of other actively practicing clinicians. It can best be described as observation of the real world outcomes of the treatments that I render. By carefully documenting results, I am able to gather evidence regarding the impact of the treatment approaches that I design.

My 30 year career as a family doctor has enabled me to identify the greatest concerns and objectives of the patients I serve. My intellectual curiosity has helped me to research approaches to help address unsolved problems.

A Holistic Provider of Medicine

A second-generation family doctor, Dr. Stephen Petteruti started off pursuing his goal of being a holistic provider of medicine, starting his medical training in Osteopathic Medicine. After graduating with honors, he became attracted to weight loss medicine, which began a career-long interest in areas not commonly pursued by most doctors. It’s that curiosity that drove him to become board certified in Bariatric Medicine to complement his board certification in Family Medicine. It is this unique training combined with his own native intellect that has given Dr. Petteruti the ability to help his patients with problems that most physicians do not fully understand.

“Too often in medicine” says Dr. Stephen Petteruti, “we are left pursuing well-worn pathways and if the patient’s condition doesn’t comfortably fit into that pathway, we feel incapable of helping them. The patients tell us what they need and what they need is to feel better, live longer, and live better. That’s the passion that drives my practice.”

In 2014, Dr. Petteruti completed his fellowship in Anti-Aging, Metabolic, and Functional Medicine. The fellowship is derived from the root causes of chronic diseases that affect patients every day, offering a comprehensive and holistic approach for treating the patients—not solely the symptoms.

Dr. Petteruti has been pursuing that passion for more than 25 years, bringing a hard-to-find combination of empathy, intellect, clinical and didactic experience to help change the lives of his patients. His approach is holistic, comprehensive, complete, and driven to pursue the solutions to the most difficult of problems.

Recent Podcasts

Protecting the Brain of Your Unborn Child

The time a fetus spends developing in the womb represents a critical environment that will shape their health for the span of their lives. As you will learn in this podcast, despite your best efforts you will expose your developing baby to the same toxic metals that you have accumulated over the span of your life. You’ll also learn how you can reduce the exposure for you, and your unborn baby by applying the pre-pregnancy protocol that I have developed.

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Other Publications

Dr. Stephen Petteruti channels his own experiences into a realistic fictional thriller about corporate greed and moral failings. Intrigued? Order now!

Reduction of Lead Levels in Patients Following a Long-Term, Intermittent Calcium Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (EDTA)-Based Intravenous Chelation Infusions: A Prospective Experimental Cohort.

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“Vitamized Health” introduces you to the revolution of cellular health that will move you a quantum leap beyond the benefits of diet and exercise.

This book provides a practical introduction to the use of intravenous vitamin and supplement infusions to support cellular vitality with the goal of reversing many common conditions and making disease less likely to occur. Vitamized health supports the body’s incredible self-healing power…

Speaking Engagements

(American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine), Spring Conference, Orlando, FL

Secondary Prevention of Cancer: Liquid Biopsies, IV Vitamin C, and Adipose Reduction

Host of “Intellectual Medicine with Dr. Petteruti” , a weekly radio show. The mission is helping you live 120 youthful years

(American College for Advancement in Medicine), Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV

Featured Workshop: Choosing the Right Medication for Treating Obesity: Use of Standard, Advanced Off-Labeled Drugs, & the Principle of ‘Sequential Polypharmacy’ – Options for the treatment of obesity have expanded rapidly the last few years. Unfortunately, experience with how to integrate all the different options remains elusive. Single use of any one prescription drug is not fully effective in most cases. This two-hour seminar will review all of the most effective prescription medicines, both on and off label, for treating obesity. More importantly, you will learn which combination of drugs work best and in it which doses to use them. If you are not actively treating obesity, this will be your springboard into this life-changing arena of medicine

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  • Introduction to anti-aging medicine: Living to 100 with a young brain and body
  • Anti-Aging Medicine: The art and science of male & female hormone support
  • Over-the-counter supplements for weight loss: Understanding the best combinations
  • The best and safest drugs for weight loss
  • Medical weight loss: Choosing the best foods and review of most popular diets
  • Anti-aging medicine: Reviving and maintaining youthful sexual function for men & women
  • Brain fitness: Preventing dementia and cognitive decline in middle-age
  • Cancer prevention: Cellular medicine to reduce your risk
  • Complementary Cancer Care: Living your best life with cancer

Pathophysiology of Weight Loss

Southeastern Conference on Osteopathic Medicine, Florida

Advances in Medical Weight Loss