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IV Mobile Drips @ THE DRIPBaR

Your body works hard enough—it shouldn’t have to work hard to get the essential vitamins and nutrients needed for optimal wellness. IV drips are absorbed at a much higher percentage, feeding your cells to fuel a more balanced life.

Intellectual Medicine and THE DRIPBaR in Rhode Island offers many different IV Vitamin Infusions that deliver essential nutrients right at the cellular level for maximum absorption.

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IM Mobile Drips

  • Restore (Hangover drip) $375
  • Energize $375
  • Protector $399
  • Defcon 1 – $399
  • MVP – $399

More IM Mobile Drips

  • Anti-Aging “All inclusive” – $399 
  • NAD – $999
  • Pre-Op – $325
  • Post-Op – $375
    Boosters can be added to any Mobile IV Drip!

Booster Shots (IM Shots)

Why choose IV Mobile Drips?

Vitamin insufficiency can lead to an array of symptoms that include; depressed mood, increased anxiety, fatigue, muscle aching, neuropathy, brain fog, and other symptoms that compromise quality of life. Because the symptoms overlap a host of other diagnosed conditions, and because most doctors are not thoroughly trained in nutrition and vitamin support therapy, the cause can be overlooked.

There are 13 essential vitamins. These are vitamins that your body cannot manufacture and that you must acquire in order to survive. Among the 13 essential vitamins there are four that are considered fat soluble. Those are vitamins D, E, K, and A. Fat soluble means that your body has a capacity to store them.

There are also 9 water soluble vitamins. Those vitamins include 8 essential B vitamins, and vitamin C.

“RDA,” or Recommended Daily Allowances, were established approximately 40 years ago. They represent the minimum needed to avoid disease, but do they represent the best amount? It is possible that people can benefit from greater amounts.

We are USP 797 Compliant

Guidelines, procedures and compliance. Requirements for compounding sterile preparations. Learn More about USP 797 compliance.

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