Peptide Therapy

Where do peptides fit in my antiaging pyramid?

Those of you who enjoy researching anti aging/functional medicine have likely bumped into promotions for peptides. When properly selected and utilized they can improve your quality of life, renew vitality, and potentially alter the aging process itself.

What are peptides?

Peptides are nothing more than chains of amino acids. The difference between a peptide and a protein is the length of the amino acid chain. If there are more than 40 amino acids it is defined as a protein, less than that it is defined as a peptide.

Some peptides are small enough to be effective when taken orally. Others are simply too big to be absorbed and therefore require small, subcutaneous injections to be delivered.

Peptides can have a wide array beneficial effects, and have an excellent safety profile when compounded at FDA approved pharmacies, and properly dosed.

Here is an example of some peptides and their impact;


This fascinating peptide is primarily used to support sex drive in both men and women, enhance erections, and improve capacity for climax. It does not affect sex hormones but rather has an effect on the parts of the brain engineered for sexual vitality. 

It also has an effect that contributes to weight reduction. Melanotan also stimulates the melanocytes which are the cells that create pigment. The effect is to give the skin a tanned appearance, without exposure to the sun or risk of sunburn. The degree of pigmentation varies based upon dose, and is reversible when the agent is discontinued.


An incredibly diverse and effective anti-inflammatory agent. It can be used as a capsule to settle gastrointestinal inflammation. Everything from irritable bowel to Crohn’s disease can be positively impacted.

When used as a subcutaneous injection it can support healing of soft tissue. This can complement recovery from muscle pulls and strains, postoperative procedures, and other forms of acute and chronic soft tissue injury.

It has also been used to support people with autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and other chronic inflammatory conditions.


This is an absolute breakthrough for treating obesity. A simple once weekly subcutaneous injection can block cravings for carbohydrate, reduce hunger, and support your nutritional efforts to help you reduce obesity. 

Patients have experienced 10 to 20% weight reduction simply by adding this agent to their nutritional regimen.

It has also demonstrated a capacity to blunt desire for alcohol and may be an asset for people who struggle with excess alcohol consumption.


This peptide supports the regeneration of healthy mitochondria. By preserving mitochondrial function it has intrinsic antiaging value, and can improve energy levels while increasing NAD levels naturally. 

It is also thermogenic (metabolism boosting) and can help with weight reduction.


A most fascinating peptide that has been associated with anti aging and life extension. Studies have correlated its use with decreased mortality and extended lifespan.

Delta sleep inducing peptide

As the name implies this is an asset for people struggling with sleep. Unlike drug therapy it is not a hypnotic, and is not a source of drug dependency.


This peptide is a growth hormone stimulant. It functions by stimulating the pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone. It can be used in cycles to help recovery from injury or illness.

Its use is associated with decreased abdominal fat, and increased lean body mass.

As a component of antiaging it can stimulate support of the immune system. This feature is most valuable for individuals past the age of 55. Since this peptide is not actually a growth hormone but rather a growth hormone stimulant, it does not damage the natural cycle of growth hormone production.

PT – 141

Available as a nasal spray, or subcutaneous injection, this agent is primarily used to enhance sexual responsiveness. When used before sexual activity for both men and women it can increase desire, arousal, erections and climax. 

A definite “performance-enhancing agent” that many have found helpful to bring energy back into the bedroom.

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