It’s scary to think that what’s inside our bodies can be transferred to our unborn baby through the umbilical cord. The good news is that Chelation therapy is a simple, painless, and effective way to reduce the toxic lead in your body. If you are considering becoming pregnant, enroll in our “Pre-Pregnancy” program.


The average person has accumulated lead levels that are greater than 1000 times the normal amount. This is unavoidable since lead covers the planet from industrial manufacturing. You don’t need to have direct exposure to have significant levels in your bones. The lead in your bones travels through the umbilical cord into the baby and can damage the baby’s developing brain.

Studies have correlated maternal lead with decreased head circumference, size, and impaired cognitive development in babies.


$1950 / package discount
  • Pre, and post heavy-metal testing to validate reduction of lead. (Regular Price: $150 / each)
  • 10 Chelation Sessions (Regular Price: $218/ each)
  • Administered by nurses and doctors
  • Clinically proven to reduce lead


  • Test for heavy metals with a provocative heavy metal test.
  • Review the findings: Know what’s in your body.
  • Reduce toxic lead with a series of chelation infusions.


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We know that lead can damage the brain of adults, and it is absolutely devastating to the brains of developing children. Think about how much more lead can affect the brain of a developing fetus. It is very likely that lead is more damaging at this stage of development than at any other. Lead exposure to a developing fetus comes directly from the mother’s umbilical cord blood.

The amount of lead in the umbilical cord corresponds to the amount of lead accumulated in the body of the mother. More lead in mom’s bones equals more lead in the umbilical cord and more lead pumping through a developing baby’s brain.

This fact has not been widely acknowledged, nor are many people aware of the possible implications. That is in part because of difficulty testing for body lead, and because there is no clear consensus on how to treat elevated total body lead levels.

Lead exposure has been correlated with autism, developmental delay, attention deficit, impulsivity, decreased birth weight and head circumference. The damage done by lead is believed to be irreversible. Even in cases where there is no overt pathology, the question lingers whether or not individuals’ cognitive ability, IQ, and overall brain development would have been better if the mother had first undergone treatments to lower body lead levels. The logical conclusion is that any safe and practical measure that can help to lower maternal lead levels should be taken in the interest of optimizing fetal development.

Through a “provocative” heavy metal test. First, the client receives a gentle infusion of calcium EDTA. This is an FDA approved product that pulls lead out of its hiding places and into the bloodstream where it can be filtered out and passed in the urine. This process is known as “chelation”. After receiving the infusion, you will be sent home with a collection jug. You will collect urine for the next six hours, and then send a small sample of it to the lab to be evaluated. All of the supplies are included in the kit, including the box for mailing in the specimen. The results come back in approximately two weeks and can be interpreted by the nurse at Intellectual Medicine.

At Intellectual Medicine we have proven that our approach effectively reduces total body lead. The study that we performed using our protocols had an average reduction of total body lead of 38%. Chelation infusion treatment is safe and effective.

When your cycle of treatment is completed, you will be retested to ensure a reduction in lead.

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