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Anxiety Patch

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Our best-selling Anxiety Aid patch helps you naturally soothe symptoms of stress and anxiety and increase your focus. Our special blend of natural mood elevators gets absorbed safely through the skin without pills, synthetics or anti-depressants. A unique formula to soothe your mind and help you focus. 28-day supply

✅ An all-natural, addiction free mood elevator
✅ Reduces inflammation caused by physical stress
✅ A non-drowsy way to combat anxiety symptoms. GABA (2000 mcg) – Produces a calming effect on your mind.

Vegan and gluten free


Magnesium (1000 mcg) – To help regulate blood pressure and help your body respond to stress better
Ashwagandha (7000 mcg) – To reduce anxiety, stress and symptom of depression
Passionflower (3000 mcg) – To relieve high-level anxiety and insomnia
L-Theanine (2000 mcg) – To help soothe your nerves
Rhodiola (4000 mcg) – To increase mental acuity, boost energy and reduce lethargy
Coenzyme Q10 (1000mcg) – Reduce oxidative stress and encourage cell regeneration

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