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The Shield Supplement Box

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How the 1-2-3 Shield Box System Works for Immune Support

1. Zinc 

Zinc is known to be an enemy to viruses. It is believed to work by interfering with enzymes necessary for the health of the viruses. Zinc is necessary for production of lymphocytes which are a critical component of immune function. Zinc deficiency may be the most common cause of secondary immunodeficiency in humans. Proper dosing is essential. Too much can cause harm.

2. Beta Glucan

Beta Glucan that has been demonstrated in research studies to improve the ability of white blood cells to move towards and kill invading bacteria and other unwanted invaders!

3. High dose of green tea extract (EGCG and Catechins)

These extracts have been shown in studies to minimize infectivity of viruses by inhibiting their RNA. Studies have also shown an increase in natural killer cell activity with supplementation of Green Tea extracts.

Directions: take one packet daily, 30-day supply

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