Protecting the Brain of Your Unborn Child


Our dreams for our children begin before they are born, even before they are conceived. Health, happiness, and access to opportunity are all in the forefront of our thoughts. But in moments of reflection a shadow of realistic possibilities can cross our minds; autism, intellectual impairment, attention deficit and behavioral disorders.

Environment is the strongest determinant of our health, and our prospects for success in life. The time a fetus spends developing in the womb represents a critical environment that will shape their health for the span of their lives. As you will learn in this podcast, despite your best efforts you will expose your developing baby to the same toxic metals that you have accumulated over the span of your life. You’ll also learn how you can reduce the exposure for you, and your unborn baby by applying the pre-pregnancy protocol that I have developed.

This podcast does enlighten you to disturbing information, however it also gives you a solution to the problem. When you apply this knowledge you can have the confidence knowing you have implemented the best available treatments to give your baby the healthiest pre-birth environment.

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