Dr. Stephen Petteruti

Dr. Petteruti’s work as a practicing physician has been focused on enhancing human vitality by targeting health at a cellular level. His interest is in combining the best of conventional medicine, with advances in cellular biology to deliver novel approaches to address core issues that corrode health and accelerate aging.

His research is in the tradition of other actively practicing clinicians. It can best be described as observation of the real-world outcomes of the treatments that he renders. By carefully documenting results, he can gather evidence regarding the impact of the treatment approaches that he designs.

Dr. Petteruti’s 30-year career as a family doctor has enabled him to identify the greatest concerns and objectives of the patients he serves. His intellectual curiosity has helped him research approaches to help address unsolved problems.

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Reduction of Lead Levels in Patients Following a Long-Term, Intermittent Calcium Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (EDTA)-Based Intravenous Chelation Infusions: A Prospective Experimental Cohort.