Supplements to Help Support Cancer Prevention

Supplements to Help Support Cancer Prevention

October is cancer awareness month. As a practitioner who treats cancer patients, cancer prevention is always top of mind. For anyone concerned about getting cancer, it is reasonable to take steps to strengthen our resilience by creating an environment in our body that is inhospitable toward cancer. With that objective in mind, here are a couple of supplements that we believe have value.


Cancer, bacteria, fungus and other pathogens all prefer a high sugar environment. “Berbelicious” contains a high dose of the ancient Chinese herb Berberine which has been shown to lower blood sugar as well as prescription drug therapy. Therefore it wasn’t surprising when a recent study published in the Journal “Lancet” demonstrated that using berberine reduced the risk of developing precancerous colon polyps.

Biotin is also in this product. Biotin is an enzymatic cofactor that has been shown in studies to help increase insulin release thereby lowering blood sugar levels.

In addition, Berbelicious contains the powerful antioxidant “Alpha Lipoic Acid.” ALA neutralizes free radicals that are felt to be contributors to the formation of cancer. Experimental studies have shown that ALA can trigger cell death in tumor cell lines.

The Recommended Dose: Two capsules twice a day, ideally taken prior to a meal.


Studies have demonstrated an association between the consumption of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, and decreased rates of cancer. “Indole-3-carbinol” and its metabolite “Diindolylmethane” (DIM) are felt to be the primary components responsible. These supplements are present in “Phytoshield” at a dose that is felt to be most beneficial toward creating an anticancer effect. The supplement also helps to balance estrogen levels by preventing production of more potent forms of estrogen that can cause problems

It has also been shown to help block the conversion of testosterone, into estrogen.

The Recommended Dose: One capsule per day. It can be taken with other supplements, either with or without food.

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